Beginner Guides / Tips for Mech Mod Users
Part Ⅰ- What exactly is a Mech Mod?

Mech Mods, also called Mechanical mods can seemrustic and simplistic at first, but once you learn how to do the crazy hits out of them, you’ll never look back. With the release of several mech mods on the market lately, it’s just about time to consider giving it a try. This article aims to introduce mechanical mod to newcomers who want to learn systematically about this type of Vape device works.

Users often say that the learning how to set up and use Mech mod is difficult, but once you’ve overcome the difficulties, then vaping on the mech mod is cool and tremendous. This happened to us as well and this post is our attempt to make things easier for entry-level beginners.

A mechanical mod is an unregulated type of device running directly off the battery. There is no circuitry inside the mod and there is no steady voltage when it’s running throughout the life of the battery. You can’t increase or decrease the voltage with maximum customization like other regulated mods, and also, the vaping hits will get weaker and weaker as the lifespan limit of the battery setups. However, there are no electronics chipsets in a mechanical mod that makes them extremely fragile.


Mech Mods are ideal for those who want something that is dependable and won’t break down. They are perfect for those who prefer a cool, straight-forward operation and want to take their setup to a professional level. Technically speaking, mech mod are simply tubes of metal with no built-in protection.

Firstly, the no-frills design of Mech mod means there are fewer components capable of malfunction or failure (unless it is used properly and with any necessary precautions, of course). Mech MODs also tend to have a longer lifespan than standard regulated MODs because of two reasons: (1) All Components are replacable and highly customized as needed  (2) Mech mods are basically just tubes of metal, rendering them virtually indestructible.

Secondly, Mech Mod tend to have an extremely simplistic and cool design. Its bottom firing button, working to contact with the battery are very convinient to use.

Thirdly, although there is a serious safety issue lies ahead, sub-ohm vapers tend to prefer mech mods more than other type of vape devices simply because there is no circuity, no excessive electronic protections. That is to say, a mech mod will fire any kinds of tank, especially those crazy low resistance items. This kind of unregulated devices will not shut off because it has detected the super low resistance of a tank and it will not keep harassing you with error messages or alerts. We will further explain this in the following articles.

Next up, we’d like to introduced a specail mech mods that hosts dual channels, allowing 2 RDAs running at the same time, the Teslacigs Biturbo.

【Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Mod】

Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit comes with three colors – black, blue and silver. It feature Dual blue LED which are bright with great contrast, making it very easy to read and even easier to use. This device is sold on ave40 at an expected retail price around $65. Teslacigs heavily emphasized the dual channel, allowing two RDAs to fire simultaneously, since the day it launched even when the Mech Mod safety issue lying under the shadow of deeper cloud.

Perhaps, like me you want to drive a tank that runs with no extra trivial set-ups and have a unique flavor experience, you might take it like a shot. It is very easy to set up, plug and play.

【Biturbo Mech Mod】
Dimension: 107mm x 52mm x 26mm
Cell Type: Two hi-drain 18650 cells
Thread Type: 510 thread
Weight: 200g
Standby Current: <5uA
Input Voltage Range: 6.0V ~ 8.4V
Min Resistance: 0.1ohm (single RDA) /0.2ohm (dual RDA)

【Mech RDAs】
Diameter: 25 mm
Height: 30 mm
With Adjustable Bottom

From the outside, Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit features the meticulous yet rugged industrial uneven coating, adding some eccentric elements on the design. It presents a premium look then translates into premium feel, which is of secure handling and much better at keeping fingerprints away than the normal coating.

Although this Mech Mod is designed with the maximum customization but several safety solutions are adopted here. There comes the Over Puffing Protection, which will deactivate the device after continuous puffing for over 10 seconds.  The reverse connection protection will prevent damage to the chipset when cells are inserted in a wrong way. Also, the short-circuit protection will allows the device to enter a standby mode when atomizer short circuit occurs.

The device is equipped with buttons for channel selection at the bottom, which allows users to choose between using one RDA or two RDAs. And the dual LED lights enables users to know the usage of this device better. All of these are designed to provides the personalized taste and quality.

In this article we have answered the questions of “what is mech mod”, “what’s good about mech mod” and “Do mech mods suit me” and introduced the Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit that can fire two RDAs at the same time. Next time, we will talk about “How to use the Mech Mod” and introduce some common vape accessories to start with a mech mod. Also, we will introduced another mech mod for beginners and mech mod lovers.

(Next Article: Beginner Guides / Tips for Mech Mod Users  Part Ⅱ “How to use a Mech Mod”

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