Electronic Cigarette Why do We Hate It?

Electronic Cigarette Why do We Hate It?

There are some new e-cigarettes releasing in the market recently, such as Vaporesso Revenger, Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit and so forth. But some people still raise doubtless about the effect of this product.
If methodological doubt is the hallmark of any responsible scientific attitude, it does not seem necessary to campaign against this real progress. All the more so as the studies favorable to the product accumulate. Skepticism then changes, and one begins to wonder about the hidden reasons why some are attacking this invention, which has already contributed ten years ago to the drastic decline Number of smokers.
The nicotine in question
Since it was recognized that smoking is harmful to health, it is not always necessary to question the real cause of this danger.
As noted by Michael Russell, the famous British psychiatrist, “People smoke for nicotine but die of tars, carbon monoxide and dangerous gases.” It is absurd to demonize nicotine when you know that in smoking, what kills is smoke. This is crucial. Especially with regard to the phenomenon of the electronic cigarette, otherwise called personal vaporizer, and which – it is a world first – allows many smokers to stop smoking in pleasure and not suffering. What is the main benefit of e-cigarettes compared to conventional cigarettes? It is obviously the reduction of risk.
Removing inhalation from the smoke is an essential factor. There is a history of consumption of non-smoked tobacco: in Sweden, snus has existed for several centuries. It is tobacco powder placed between the cheek and the gum. This widely used form of tobacco use makes Sweden the world’s lowest lung cancer and oropharyngeal cancers (all related to the inhalation of tobacco smoke). These good results should reassure the experts about the hypothetical risks of the electronic cigarette, or the vapor, as users say. However, this is not the case, and snus is banned from sales in Europe (except Sweden) since 1992.
Indeed, the European authorities have passed a directive in which they suspect that the personal vaporizer is likely to make young people dependent (which no study has demonstrated today). As for the World Health Organization, joined by many countries on this point, it opposes the development of the personal vaporizer, based on the principle of precaution …
In addition, users have never been consulted. Yet, in other areas of risk reduction, they are involved in discussions.

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