Andréa Vannier will support a thesis in pharmacy entitled “The electronic cigarette is less harmful than the conventional cigarette (such as Vaporesso Revenger ) ? “
Fashion phenomenon or real alternative to tobacco, opinions on electronic cigarette diverge. Today, the electronic cigarette is considered a “special” product for common use.
The electronic cigarette must comply with REACH, the European Union regulation for the assessment of the risks of chemical substances in order to protect human health and the environment.

In 2015, doctors are calling for a de-dramatization of the image of the electronic cigarette. The effects of tobacco in the short and long term are clearly defined. Tobacco leads to addiction related to the presence of nicotine. It is, among other things, responsible for respiratory, cardiovascular and cancer pathologies.
Studies have been carried out for several years to determine the substances to which an individual is exposed when using the electronic cigarette. Propylene glycol and glycerol – with drying properties – can cause irritation of the respiratory and ocular airways. Studies have shown that the substances produced by the electronic cigarette are fewer in number and less in quantity than when exposed to tobacco. However, some of them can cause respiratory diseases, reproductive disorders and cancers. A decade-long decline is necessary to know the exact consequences of using the electronic cigarette.

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