Featured Issues – Electronic Cigarette: Miracle or Threat?

Featured Issues – Electronic Cigarette: Miracle or Threat?

Cotton candy, crème brûlée, marshmallow … there’s something for everyone. With the e-cigarette, the range of flavors is simply endless. And its followers even have a small name: the vapoteurs. More and more people are experimenting with and adopting electronic cigarettes, replacing the smell of tobacco in their daily lives. Tens of thousands of Belgians are already converted. But is it really less harmful to health than traditional cigarettes?
A good tool to quit smoking
In Europe, 6 million smokers stopped the traditional cigarette through the e-cigarette. For Vincent Bayer, for example, the electronic cigarette was miraculous. He was a smoker for 30 years when he discovered the e-cigarette: “Thanks to the electronic cigarette and a gradual decrease in the nicotine level, I managed to stop smoking cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, Now I do not smoke anything at all. ”
For tobacco scientists like Laurie Chitussi (CHR Verviers), the electronic cigarette does not constitute a miracle cure to stop smoking: “I consider it rather as an additional tool not of the first line, it is far from miraculous. Some people have used it unsuccessfully, but it is still a tool because for some people it is necessary and useful to have something to compensate for the gesture. Because at the moment we are not yet sure of the long-term effects, and we are using it from a risk reduction perspective, and it is better that the person smokes the electronic cigarette than the cigarette normal. ”
According to studies, electronic cigarette seems safe on the short and medium term. On the other hand, there are always question marks for the long term because of the dyes and aromatic products used in the e-cigarette.
A global businessInvented 13 years ago in China, electronic cigarettes are now around the world. The business of steam is doing well and has even become “trendy”. More and more electronic cigarette shops are emerging as Julien Bovy’s in Brussels. For him, business runs to such an extent that every day Julien believes he is stealing market shares from the tobacco industry: “If one takes the idea that a smoker will spend 2500 € a year for his tobacco, one imagines if I have ten smokers who have stopped, I have taken 500 000 € to the tobacco industry. There are currently many -cigarettes on the market, such as the amazing teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit and Vaporesso Revenger 220W Kit with NRG Tank.
But a new European directive worries the world of steam. The electronic cigarette will now be considered as a tobacco product with similar constraints: prohibition of advertising, prohibition of sale on the Internet or prohibition of selling bottles that are too bulky. For many, these new rules will favor the tobacco industry to the detriment of the electronic cigarette.

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