How Ave40 Are Using ‘1-on-1 service’ To Bring Customers Through Their Door

The redesigned Homepage of

“We are happy to see our e-cigs sales in American market are increasing about 40 percent thanks to the new 1 on 1 services”

–  Jhins Zheng, the AVE40’s chief executive officer  –


Early 2017, E-cig sales may be slightly declining in the U.S. and U.K market, but for Ave40, e-cigs sales are growing steadily each month, driven partly by the rising popularity of its online Vaping media on YouTube and Facebook, partly by its overhauled website focusing on 1 on 1 services that won the attention of many foreign vendors and retailers. AVE40, which claims to be China’s largest online vape shop, has raised a $5 million wholesale turnover up to this month, taking more advantage of the local market.

1 on 1 service on the new site was launched in response to expanding user demand on foreign market. This One-Click-Away and 24/7 service is established on the integrated Internet Date Exchange team with over 150 experts on Vaping devices marketing, retailing and after-sale maintenance. This service helps the AVE40 marketing teams to outlined possible buyer and regions for the latest Vaping product and allow the vendor customers to see how products are selling in their local areas.

“We try to have an initial step towards developing a better understanding of foreign customers and their own perceptions of online shopping services, this could make a negligible contribution to the cross-cultural marketing in the long term.” Jhins said.

AVE40 made 75 million US Dollars in the end of 2016 and this month has more than 2.5 million independent customer and wholesale venders who have completed orders via 1 on 1 Service of 13,000 orders of e-cigs, e-liquids and rebuildable tanks. AVE40 is so good right now even though the new website is in an early trial operation, so the next few months it must still be unstoppable.