Review – Asvape Michael Box Mod Devils Night with Japanese Mythology Motifs

You really want to make friend with those who buy and use Asvape’s cool devices such as the new Michael mod. The Asvape Michael mod is crammed with comically familiar Japanese mythology motifs in water transfer printing.

Unlike the Vape’s western design – think vintage badges, buccaneer lore, graffiti street art, mafia pattern, wild animals, assuming signatures and stories, this Devils Night embrace sharp Japanese aesthetic with flamboyant colors yet introverted paintings – to reach the wider global market, in an accessible manner.

As the performance goes, Asvape Michael box is perfectly capable of standing its own ground in the mid-range with the VO chipset and has just enough other flair and features to put pressure on the upper tier. Let’s take a closer look at the Asvape Michael box and see what’s what.Asvape Michael mod comes in vertical cardboard with a magnetized cover. The whole package is an associated minimalism, and a mindful design that are effectively displayed via a combo of white type and red color. The overwhelming use of red, occasionally punctuated by white letters, is undoubtable perceived as a passionate and welcoming touches. When the box is opened, the bold condensed uppercase serif “Michael” along with the unsymmetrical geometrical-partitioning shapes, are very lighthearted.

The whole box is included by a bracket, a box mod above, and spare accessories below. There is a USB cable, a user manual, a warning card.

Clearly meant for only some lovers, this Asvape Michael Devils Night is sold as a limited edition of only 110 USD. Devils Night is nevertheless a meticulous design that helps define the eastern nostalgia culture, and sense of exotic appeal that so many seem to miss these days. Such design makes the most of those aesthetics western vapers who are less familiar with the company Asvape might associate with a product that made in Japan.

These Japanese cues include the iconic Ukiyo-e art, flourished from the 17th through 19th centuries with artists produced woodblock prints and paintings of such subjects as female beauties and scenes from history and folk tales – the use of Mount Fuji, the mythological supernatural creatures like Yamawaro (a water monster), Kyubi (a nine-tailed fox spirit), Tengu (a dog-like demon) – the classic cream, black and red color palette.

All of these are enhanced by the water transfer printing with excellent die cut details. From the skin texture of the beauty to the sunken eyes of the Skeleton, it makes for compelling aesthetic based on a well-founded idea, delivers premium touches, and most importantly it surprises.

Better still, Asvape offers these strong characters but does not detract from a functional “electronic” vape mod. As a dual 18650 supported box mod measuring 96mm by 60mm by 28mm, Asvape Michael is slightly bigger than the other same spec products. However, this Zine Alloy box ends with chamfers on both the front and back where they meet the edges. These chamfers are glossy looking, serve as a great visual transition while provide a comfortable grip.

Also, from our own experience when pairing with the Maximus Max RDTA tank , Asvape Michael Mod is one of the least slippery devices we have ever handled –with the uneven coating and its unique structure – it never slide or fall from any surface that’s not perfectly flat. The design on the plates is clearly niche, but we applaud Michael mod’s effort to make the other part as “serious and functional” looking as possible.

Overall, Asvape Michael Devils Night is a fined crafted piece in its excellent print production, and yet, it is pleasing to see the whole aesthetic design is informed by a strong, well-thought-out concept.

Michael Box Mod has a touch-sensitive power button above the screen. It is well – fitting and reasonable-sited to aligned with the thumb- ergonomically designed for the utmost comfort when holding it for use. Also, the engraved details on the button surface with a sentence as “AEQUITA INASVAPE WE TRUST” are cool sophistications.

The magnetic battery cover locks TWO 18650 batteries in perfectly,complete with vent holes. This battery door is detachable, it opens quickly while fastens relatively securely. There’re some subtle branding on it. The batteries connect via a micro-USB port used for firmware upgrades.

The 510 pin sitting up top on the mod can fit any tank up to 27 mm without overhang issues. This a spring type gold-plated connector that rimmed with striking engraving logotype.

The user interface of Asvape Michael Mod adopting the ideology of “Less is better.” Although added functionality can be a major draw for many prospective vapers, but there still has to be a cutoff point somewhere for amity and simpleness. It is worth giving credit to Michael mod for adopting a powerful yet practical user-interface. It implements a 0.91-inch OLED Screen for displaying values like Wattage Output, Voltage Output, Temperature Output, VPC Curve Graph, Tank Resistance, Battery Life – and a Bar Menu Selection. What we did find a little hard to swallow, however, was the overwhelming minute font that it’s difficult to read.

Considering some other more expensive flagship which are having trouble running switching before different modes, the most positive aspect of using the Asvape Michael mod is its stable performance: it can handle whatever daily hits you throw at it. There were almost no occasions where our reviewers would so much as stutter. Animations are responsive, and modes switching is instantaneous, it simply provides a silky-smooth user experience. Major Props here!

This is largely thanks to the high-end VO200 chipset, which provides this 200W vape mod with most of the necessary modes. You can switch between 3 modes – BYPASS (0.2 to 3.0 ohm resistance range), TC (212 to 572 Degrees Fahrenheit temperature range), and also VW (0.08 to 3.0 ohm Resistance Range under VPC Mode). Temperature Control mode supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel with resistance range from 0.03 to 3 ohm. Variable Wattage (or Power) Control Mode enable you to customize wattage curve with six peak values and there’re also five VPC memory slots.

All things considered, the Asvape Michael Mod is a pretty unusual vape mod. It’s got flagship performance, a powerful VO200 Chipset that’s more functional than most, and a streamlined user interface.

But at the same time, although it is notoriously difficult to know how western vapers feel about this very exotic device that made up a part of their lives, Devils Night’s boldness to go against the grain and themes around the idea of Japanese Nostalgia – its obvious reckless attitude toward the crafting details – are what make it very cool, especially for those who get tired of seeing the same design and appreciate some quirkiness and individualism. The Asvape Michael Devils Night is retailed priced at 110 USD and there’s an extra 25% off on

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