Review of Puff Avatar RS75W Box Mod – Neon lights gleamed in deepening clouds

A colorful and inspired LED device in a sturdy alloy body is meant to appeal to more young vapers today. I first saw these LED devices about a year ago and they instantly caught my eye. These devices are something about a mix of novelty and playful. While the LED boxes sounds too fancy or gimmicky, it is fun to use if you like the scenes of ‘Neon’ lights gleamed in the deepening clouds, and if there has ever been such a cool LED box, the Puff Avatar RS 75W is definitely it. Let’s take a look.

Puff Avatar RS75W boasts of its LED exterior and DNA chipset, and this clearly lies with the package design. With the intention of avoiding industry convention, it draw on and work themes as the DNA chip’ s circuit board patterns, product sketches, diagonal lines, and dynamical LED lights effect. All of these are conveyed through a high-grade packaging material and crafted quality – creates a really nice digital sense and adds a moment of play in the choice of the gloss surface treatment.

The whole box is included by a bracket, an Puff Avatar box mod above, and spare accessories below. There is a user manual and a warranty card, but no USB cable.RS75W has trumpeted the design process that led to this box mod as we saw earlier. To maintain sturdiness, Puff Avatar ‘s chassis is made of anodized aluminum and magnesium alloy, and reinforced with steel. So that’s a lot of metal here, but plenty of skeleton hollowing structures should keep it running sufficiently cool even when you are pushing some serious hits during the high wattage.

Measuring 49mm by 28mm by 92mm, RS75W is molded to fit your hands, even for people with smaller hands. Up front, you have the RS75W logo discreetly located in the upper left corner. The diamond clear cut around the edges of the metal frame makes it quite comfortable to hold. RS75W features a premium matte finish and I’m a big fan of this – the opposite glossy finish seems to make sweat buildup a bigger problem during long vaping sessions, and those slick surfaces just bugs the hell out of me.

Night view of LED lightings on RS75W
Currently there are 2 color versions of the Puff Avatar RS75W available – black and brown. Since the case on our review unit is all brown, the only color comes from the arrays of 7 shining LED lights. Featuring fully customizable LED colored lighting, Puff Avatar RS75W enables you to change the LED colors on the front panel. You can tweak it to match your handsome atomizers, your clothing, your favorite football team, or just reflect your own personality. It simply leads to some pretty designs and color combinations. When pressing the fire button, lighting strips “flow” down the metal chassis, fading in and out slowly and smoothly, which is a really cool effect. Besides, you can also have all the lighting strips strobe on and off alternately.

Apart from the visually distinctive look, one of the areas, where it really shows that the Puff RS75W is a solid vape mod is its functionality and performance. For many people nowadays, a smart TC/VW chipset is just the starting point for a serious vape hit. After all, you need a precise temperature adjustment for better flavor satisfaction, and chances are you also want a decent DL Cloudage play. The RS75W combines these must-haves with other forward-looking technologies that vapers and other enthusiasts will appreciate. Above all, this box mod runs on a DNA75 chipset.

The DNA75 is a powerful regulated digital switch-mode converter from Evolv – a company that’s famous for developing variable-wattage high-quality chips in the vape business. DNA75 features Evolv’s patented Wattage Control, precise Temperature Control, pending Temperature Protection, Onboard Buttons, Synchronous Rectification for maximum battery life and minimal heat generation.

As the name indicates, the DNA75 runs as high as 75 watts and just like the one running on the Puff RS75W, it is powered from a single cell lithium polymer battery and supports both TC mode and VW mode. The TC range is from 100 º Celsius to 315 º Celsius. The full temperature control includes coil buildings of Ni200 nickel, titanium and stainless-steel materials.

Some specs-enthusiasts may feel DNA75’s conceding too much by playing at a 75W power output, but it remains the sweet spot for daily hit as a versatile chipset that’s less expensive than its sibling DNA200. With an affordable price tag, beginners, who seldom exceeds a 75-watt hit – or small box lovers, who want a more compact device that supported by a single battery – will have a chance to get access to Evolv’s advanced technology.

We’ve tested two other devices that use the DNA75W chipset, the Lost Vape Therion $149.00 at Ave40 and the HCigar VT75 $75.00 at Urvapin, and found that even with the less power output, their performance rivals that of higher-spec equipped devices thanks to their high-level safety, brilliant versatility and a massive flexibility, versatility via the compatible EScribe software. That’s why many mavens regarded them as the safest and most accurate chips on the market.

Puff Avatar RS75W is an Escribe-compatible device. For reader who are not familiar with this, EScribe Suite is a collection of software for configuring, monitoring, and modifying the operation of your DNA75 chipset. It works on a Windows PC and connects to your DNA75 devices via a USB port. Also, EScribe will automatically check for updates each time when the Puff RS75W is opened on an internet connected PC.

EScribe Software

However, my least favorite thing about the DNA75W chipset on Puff Avatar RS75W is its user set-up. There’s a big learning curve here. It’s not immediately clear where each mode setting is and it is not convenient to switch between each of them, even with the thick instruction manual. For example, there is this POWER LOCKED MODE to prevent you from any accidental power changes, but to exit this mode you need to hold down both triangle minus/plus button for like 3 seconds. Firstly, this is surely not operated with one hand, and secondly, I always found find myself invoking this command when I meant to do the Temperature Setting, which is done by hold down the same buttons under the LOCKED MODE. I can’t think of a single advantage to this operation approach and there is just no straightforward way to do DNA75’s mode switching feature. All of these could have been done more easily by tapping fire buttons three time continuously like doing it on other devices.

Also, I can’t count the number of times when clicking the fire button 5 times, instead of shutting down this device as intended, I ended up with the fire button blocked. Finally, I realized that there is no way to switch off the machine only to wait for the battery automatically switch off after a long time in standby.Overall, the custom interface is clearly a little bit heavy but then again, once you spend more time poking around, you should get the gist of this device.

The Puff Avatar RS75W takes a single 18650 battery. Dual 18650 batteries tend to be more convenient, but single battery may be fine for you, and whether or not portability outweighs a larger battery capacity is a matter of personal preference. On the very bottom, you have a microUSB port for charging the Puff Avatar RS75W.The battery compartment door on RS75W is activated by a grooved latch and springs open. It is secure and won’t swing open easily. When the door opened, the inner terminals are clearly marked so you won’t insert your battery the wrong way. The battery door also comes with some thoughtful ventilation holes.Pre-selling on ave40 and being priced about $149, Puff Avatar RS75W box mod provides excellent value by offering an eye-catching exterior such as the customized LED-lighting design, delicate crafting on a sturdy alloy body, and the compact size for greater portability in a budget box mod. More importantly, for Puff Avatar RS75W’s target audience, it is its internal hardware that really make this vape mod stand out from the rest, which here means top-tier DNA75 chipset, high-grade 0.91 OLED screen, advanced battery safety, functional interface and EScirbe compatibility. No matter you are a beginner or seasoned vapers who are looking for an affordable device with the best combination of value and feature set, the Puff RS75W could be your top pick.

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