Students and E-Cigarette

Students and E-Cigarette

Among Minnesota’s 11th-grade college students, e-cigarette use is now more than double conventional cigarette use. Additionally, almost 6 percentage of adults presently use e-cigarettes, compared to less than 2 percent in 2010; and, nearly 13 percent of adults age 18-24 use e-cigarettes. The use of a couple of tobacco merchandise – twin use – is commonplace: most grown up e-cigarette customers use cigarettes.
E-cigarettes aren’t secure for children.
Nearly all e-cigarettes comprise nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and might harm the growing adolescent brain. Because the mind remains developing until about age 25, young people and younger person publicity to nicotine can cause dependency and disrupt attention and learning. No amount of nicotine is secure for youth.
Nearly one in 4 of Minnesota high faculty college students who have attempted e-cigarettes has in no way attempted any conventional tobacco merchandise. A growing frame of evidence suggests that younger people who have by no means smoked cigarettes however currently use e-cigarettes are more likely to smoke cigarettes inside the future than are young those who do no longer use e-cigarettes.
E-cigarettes appeal to youngsters in spite of the risks.
•E-cigarettes are to be had in fruit and candy flavors; flavored tobacco products attraction to teenagers.
•E-cigarettes are every now and then marketed the use of superstar endorsements. A majority of Minnesota high faculty college students (57.4%) have seen advertisements for e-cigarettes on TV inside the past 30 days.
•E-cigarettes are available for purchase online.

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