Study: Vaporing a neutral base does not cause symptoms in asthmatics

Study: Vaporing a neutral base does not cause symptoms in asthmatics

The mod is a important part of e-cigarette and Limitless mod has recently become popular among smokers thanks to updated functions and new color, along with LED display screen. Limitless 200W finds its perfect match. But some scientists has conducted some experiments with respect to e-cigarette when this Limitless 200W New Color has been launched.
A Canadian study finds no different symptoms between people with asthma and healthy people using electronic cigarettes. Cited by the Société de Pneumologie en Langue Française, a Canadian study examined the effects of electronic cigarette smoking in people with asthma. To do this, researchers compared the symptoms experienced by healthy and asthmatic walkers.
The two groups initially used a liquid wipe (placebo) and then an electronic cigarette with liquid that did not contain nicotine or flavor. The researchers noted the symptoms usually experienced by asthmatics including wheezing and coughing. No symptoms or respiratory functional changes were observed in all subjects who participated in this study. Although it is surprising that participants were not exposed to nicotine vapoteuses, it is concluded that the nicotine-free electronic cigarette does not increase the bronchial hyper reactivity of asthmatics.

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