Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit Review -One Box, Two Tanks. One Hit, Two Flavors

Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit Review -One Box, Two Tanks. One Hit, Two Flavors


Let’s not forget that inside the Vape market, Teslacigs isn’t trying to match the flagships of the day. But It is also nothing wrong to praise this company for the great value it offers. For western Vapers, this China-based company are worth exploring in a lot aspects.

With a retail price of only about $65, the latest Teslacigs Biturbo kit is slightly at the very bottom of the whole e-cigs chain. However, such lower price doesn’t necessarily indicate a cheap value. Teslacigs has always been focusing entirely on providing greater user experience and customer satisfaction, and apparently, the dual channel system on this device are high on their targeted users wish lists.

The “BITURBO” as the kit’s name stands for the company’s new design idea. The reason for the ” BITURBO ” is due to the dual channel construction, allowing two RDAs to fire simultaneously, which Teslacigs says “are two Cloud Beast Turbo running at the same time”.

Could this new design be enough to sway customers back? Let’s take a look.

【Biturbo Mech Mod】
Dimension: 107mm x 52mm x 26mm
Cell Type: Two hi-drain 18650 cells
Thread Type: 510 thread
Weight: 200g
Standby Current: <5uA
Input Voltage Range: 6.0V ~ 8.4V
Min Resistance: 0.1ohm (single RDA) /0.2ohm (dual RDA)

【Mech RDAs】 
Diameter: 25 mm
Height: 30 mm
With Adjustable Bottom

1 x Biturbo Mech Mod
2 x Biturbo Mech RDAs
1 x Connector
1 x Drip Tip
4 x Clapton Wire
6 x Silicone Rings
1 x Screwdriver
8 x Screws
2 x Organic Cotton
1 x User Manual
1 x Biturbo Mech Kit Package

The box is made of sturdy cardboard, displaying a colors of black, white, gold. The logo labels “BITURBO MECH” is hot stamped and gilded on an uneven surface as counterfeit proof labels.

Everything are perfect until I saw the words “starter kit” under the banner at the bottom of the box. Personally, mech mods are not for the beginners and I really doubt whether an unregulated mod should be called a “starter kit”.

The back is a standard configuration list of included items – a Biturbo Mech Mod,two Biturbo Mech RDAs, a Delrin Connector, a user manual, etc.

Compare to most of box mods on the market, Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit features the meticulous yet rugged industrial uneven coating, adding some eccentric elements on the design. It presents a premium look then translates into premium feel, which is of secure handling and much better at keeping fingerprints away than the normal coating.

The fined-crafted chassis with contour curve of this device is very smooth, which is intended to evoke a sense of delicacy. It fits into the palm comfortably, easy to hold and easy to use. The fire button is well-sited with a proper size, perfectly high up to be accessed by the thumb of your hands.

Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit comes with three great looking color options – black, blue and silver. Dual blue LED are bright with great contrast, making it very easy to read and even easier to use.

Like most of the mech devices with no-frills design, Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit comes with fewer components capable of malfunction or failure. There is no TC chipset or even a OLED screen. However, what makes Biturbo stands out from the rest are those built-in protections on this device.

Over Puffing Protection. The device will deactivate after continuous puffing for over 10 seconds. Then corresponding LED will flash for 8 times and the device will enter the stand-by mode.

Reverse Connection Protection. If batteries are inserted incorrectly, the device will fail to power on and will prevent damage to the chipset.

Atomizer Short-circuit Protection. When an atomizer short circuit occurs, corresponding LED will flash for 5 times rapidly and the device will enter the stand-by mode.

As we saw earlier, Biturbo features dual-channel construction for two RDAs running at the same time. On the bottom of this kit, there are two Channel Selection Buttons. Users can enjoy the switching four working modes – Both channel open/closed, One channel open while another closed. Such design, first known in Hell’s Gate Mech Mod back in 2015, allows vapers to add two flavor e-liquid into RDAs and enjoy a more unique flavor recreation.

As for the RDAs themselves, there is little sparkle though. It features the bottom airflow design and a common RDA two post, dual terminal design. It is designed to support dual coil builds.

Teslacigs provided the lowest resistance on a series for dual RDAs is 0.2ohm, single one is 0.1ohm. And for a full 8.4v battery (as the manual suggested for the maximum input Voltage), it comes the 84A for the series battery mod. We know that inside the mech mod industry, there is the safety standard of the minimum 0.4ohm for the series mod, so this 0.1ohm way too low with certain amount of security risks.

Teslacigs Biturbo Mech Kit is now sold in blue, black, and silver on ave40 at an expected retail price around $65. It heavily emphasized the dual channel for 2 RDAs design since the day it launched even when the RDA resistance safety issue lying under the shadow of deeper cloud. Perhaps, like me you want to drive a tank that runs with no extra trivial set-ups and have a unique flavor experience, you might take it like a shot. It is very easy to set up, plug and play. 

But to win a position in a flagship club, maybe Teslacigs needs a bigger presence to compete with those major brands. 

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