The advantage of the Vaporesso Revenger

The advantage of the Vaporesso Revenger

Vaporesso Revenger is extremely popular recently. As Vaporesso vapes are becoming a trend in the e-cig market, Vaporesso vape keeps up with the trend and has captured many customers’ heart.  But why this product is in rage among smoker, and I will make an analysis on Vaporesso vape’s structure.

Firstly, Vaporesso Revenger’s drip tip and top cap are very rational design. Their  designs are beneficial to the gathering of vapor, and the straight up and down drip tip, which has big diameter, could help to transport the gathered vapor directly to your mouth.

Then, Vaporesso Revenger is equipped with a 096 inch OLED screen of high brightness and high resolution. Not only can OLED displays be more power-efficient, but they can be even more amazing and it can deliver a clear. But what the role of this screen  of this product? For smokers, they can know what the exact time is during smoking. On the other hand, they will know how long does it take to fully charge a e-cigarette.

Speaking of the use level of cotton, I think it is necessary to well control the cotton’s quantity for Vaporesso Revenger. The position of the e-juice flow hole is appropriate, which could help to run out of the e-juice, but if the cotton is not enough, the e-juice will leak out through the airflow adjusting ring to the box’s top. It is suggested to pull outward or lift upward the cotton from the e-juice flow hole to let the cotton fill the hole, thus avoiding leaking.

Finally, this product is equipped with dual battery, which are compact and yet fairly powerful and stratify your requirement.  You don’t need an external battery when the e-cigarette runs out of its power. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about the battery safety when it is charged, thanks to its OLED screen.


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