United Kingdom: Electronic cigarette has become the anti-tobacco weapon

United Kingdom: Electronic cigarette  has become the anti-tobacco weapon

United Kingdom: Electronic cigarette has become the anti-tobacco weapon
A Company recently released a new product called Limitless LMC 200W Box Mod New Color, which has so many colors and patterns. Many people love it and want to buy it. This case virtually proves that e-cigarette and its box mod has risen in popularity in the world, in part because smokers want to stop smoking a conventional cigarette in order to have a healthy body.can bring them a healthy boy. In addition, according to the figures from the latest British research, tobacco use continues to decline in the United Kingdom and is now the second-lowest smoker in Europe behind Sweden. The drop is particularly important among young people.
In the United Kingdom, the decline in smoking accelerates
According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 17.2% of British adults were addicted to cigarettes in 2015, 15.8% were concerned by this addiction last year. This represents about 500,000 smokers less according to Duncan Selbie of Public Health England.
In 2010, 26% of British people between the ages of 18 and 24 smoked, with only 19% remaining in 2016. With a 6.5% decline, it was the population that recorded the largest decline in smoking prevalence.
In detail, 15.5% of English adults were smokers in 2016, compared with 18.1% in Northern Ireland and 16.9% and 17.7% respectively in Wales and Scotland.
The vapotage continues its progression
According to the ONS, there are 2.9 million vapours in the kingdom or about 5.6% of the population.
Dr. Penn Woods of the British Lung Foundation estimates that there are “100,000 people who die unnecessarily from a tobacco-related illness in the UK each year, and this remains the second leading cause of death in the country”. “These statistics show that electronic cigarettes really help smokers get away from tobacco,” he adds.
In Leicester spectacular results
In England, champion of tobacco control across the Channel, Louise Ross leads the Stop Smoking Service in Leicester. One of the first “ecig friendly” centers, he made himself popular with his “Time To Switch?” Campaign.
England: Leicester tobacco cessation services campaign for e-cig
Today, the streets of Leicester, a city in central England, have seen an advertising campaign encouraging “switching” from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Originally … Read more about
In the last edition of the Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) held in June as every year in Warsaw, the head of this center presented the figures obtained by the city. They are spectacular.
Sixty percent
In Leicester, the number of people who have chosen to quit smoking has almost tripled in three years. It has risen from 293 between 2014 and 2015 to 851 over the last period. The tobacco cessation success rate for those who choose this method is around 60%, compared with about 48%, excluding electronic cigarettes.

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