Oumier Maximus Max RDTA – Vape Tank Review & Unboxing

Oumier Maximus Max RDTA – Vape Tank Review & Unboxing

Today we will review Oumier Maximus Max RDTA. Oumier Maximus Max RDTA is a 3ml above-average RDTA tank. It holds a 24mm Spacious Build Deck with a 2-post and 4-terminal build deck side-secured via knurled Titanium slotted screws, allowing for relatively ample wicking area. Oumier hails it for its metal design and premium construction, and we can confirm the Maximus Max RDTA Tank has one of the better designs in the class.

Brand: Oumier
Size: 24mm x 32mm
Capacity: 3ml
Color: Black, Silver
PEI drip tip(Suit for 810 drip tip)
New airflow design, three adjust modes
2.5mm x 3.2mm Oversized post hole
Top central hole filling

1 x RDTA tank
1 x Spare glass cap
1 x Organic cot
2 x Coils(Food-grade)

Oumier Maximus Max RDTA comes in a high-quality packaging. Remove the outer sleeve to reveal the black card box. The Maximus Max RDTA is inside, along with some O rings, a mini slotted screwdriver, a spare glass tube and other DIY tools, except for a user manual.

Maximus Max RDTA is well built all around and the delicate finish on the solid metal shell does boost a positive impression. The sample I received comes with steel and tea-brown combo. Although this is far from the spectacular “gold” or “yellow” as the website presented, it has the looks to tip the odds in its advantage which would make you want to take it into your vape collection.

This 24mm diameter Maximus Max RDTA has a 3 ML juice capacity. The length of 43mm is relatively pocket-sized. With the rejection of everything that will give the tank a feeling of ‘‘Style and no substance’’, the whole look is pleasingly simple. Its smooth lines and the proportion of appropriate craftwork are rather fine. On the front of the metal shell, there is ‘‘MAXIMUS MAX RDTA’’ in fine paint spray, polite yet eye-catching.

When you disassemble the Maximus Max RDTA, there are 6 parts. There is a PEI drip tip, a top cap with air-inlet holes, a metal sleeve, a coil post deck, a glass tank and a bottom deck. The glass tank is beneath the coil deck. To get access to the coil, the whole bottom base will come out along with the coil deck, with the post pin(or stem) and glass tank threading into it. Therefore, you can get access to the coil without emptying the glass tank. It is quite convenient to assemble, disassemble and maintain.

However, there’re no antiskid knurl on this RDTA to hold it tightly and you will have to take great effort to screw the cap off or adjust the airflow around the metal shell. Keeping your fingers moist helps to hold it still, but use other assistant tools is better.

The PEl Derin drip tip is specially designed for Cloudage play. The Derin drip tip and the top cap are connected with a O ring sealed in between. The drip tip is wide-bore, 18 mm and made of PEI. Its inner chimney is curved, as is the inside of the top cap.

The top cap is connected with the metal sleeves with another thick O rings. The slotted airflow around the sleeves provides three different ranges of air inlet while dissipates the heat. Air can gather around and run at the coils in a more dynamic and precise way. However, this side airflow isn’t that appropriately sited. A little bit high up to get airflow feed into the coil chamber to create a cyclonic movement.

The metal sleeve is fine-crafted with flowing line and clear cuts. But then there is NO knurling on the top cap and it’s stiff to disassemble or to rotate.

Two of the most common tasks you’ll have to do as a vaper is filling up a tank and replacing a spent coil for a new one. Thankfully for those new to the hobby who don’t want to have to mess around too much, coil building on Maximus Max RDTA is really easy to accomplish.

Maximus Max RDTA carries a spacious and efficient build deck design with 24mm Distance. Not technically a Beefy size as there are a lot of 25mm RDTAs on the market, but this is a decent size for sure and its works almost the same way. Once you get access to the coil section of Maximus Max RDTA, changing the coil is really simple.

Maximus Max RDTA features a conjoined-post build structure. The build post features four large 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm terminals to get some thicker wires in there. The whole deck as well as the post screws are stainless. Coil leads are inserted within this relatively extensive space between the 2-post and 4-terminal build base and the clamp itself, side-secured via four slotted screws for a superb range of coil structure configurations. All of these surely leads to an ensured consistent and powerful conductivity throughout the platform.

Maximus Max RDTA features a central filling tube with a thoughtful rubber plug. The central tube let the liquid slowly stream down the inside of the tank, a little like you’re pouring a beer. Straighten it up and tilt your tank as it fills to ensure you don’t fill too much. The rubber plug works to avoid excessive juice out of the hole. The filling hole on the rubber plug is quite small so you’d better use a thin needle tip bottle or a unicorn bottle.

There are four wicking holes on the bottom base. Your wicks shouldn’t be too thick or too long so that they can sit in the wick holes, and just hang down into the top part of your juice tank, which should provide optimal wicking, less dry hits, and less over-soak issues. Still, it takes a little bit of time for the liquid to fully soak into the wick, so you need to wait a few minutes before you start to vape.

The juice capacity of Maximus Max RDTA is 3ml, which is not quite satisfactory special but does not matter much. The juice reservoir is made of PEI material and there is also a spare Pyrex glass inside the box. A thick O rings under the glass tank are implemented here, tight enough to seal the juice while solid enough to avoid coming off from constant wresting.

The 510 pin is gold-plated, which can be adjusted without loosening the deck. The name and designer of this tank is clearly printed on the bottom deck with pretty letters that could be felt with my fingers, tried to rub them, no sign of coming off.

On this review, we have taken a close look at the Oumier Maximus Max RDTA. It is a premium-looking 3ml RDTA with a 24mm diameter 2-post and 4-terminal build deck, boasting ample wicking ports and large room for coil building. The side airflow on the metal sleeves brings precise air inlet and affluent heat dissipation.The PEI wide-bored drip is well design and performs outstanding in heat insulation and cloud production. The only complain here is that there is no knurling on the surface for easier screwing and rotating.

Overall, if you’re looking for a substantial RDTA tank with an acceptable price, Oumier Maximus Max RDTA is a reasonable choice. This tank comes on AVE40 with two colors – yellow and black and if you are a new member on their site, you get an extra 20% off

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