Vaping Review – Vapeman STEAM ENGINE DNA75 Box Mod – A STEAMPUNK Production


The E-cig mod market is arguably more crowded than a year ago, so when new devices come around, they benefit from being different and offering something special. Vapeman seems to be well aware of this, and the mentality behind their STEAM ENGINE seems to be “we don’t care much about satisfying the existing customer base, and we want to do something totally different! “

As the name indicates, The Vapeman STEAM ENGINE features a strong sense of steampunk aesthetic -derived from a mixture of Jules Verne science fiction and Industrial Revolution era machinery. You could think of it as retro-industrial but a lot of it is rather cool. Let’s take a look!

DNA75 chipset
Supported by DNA75 chipset
Displayed with OLED screen
Featuring precise TC Modes
Available to NI200, TI01,KANTHAL,STANLESS STEEL coil builds
Individual customization to parameter setting and user-interface via Escribe

Size: 63mm x 28mm x 85mm
Screen Size: 0.91” OLED
Output Power: 1W – 75W
Output Voltage: 0.2V – 6.2 V
Output Current: 30A – 40.0 A
Atomizer Resistance: 0.15ohm or above
Temperature Range: 200°F – 600°F
Input Voltage: 3.0 V – 4.2V
Input Current: 0.5A – 28.0A
Battery Capacity: 2 x 18650

One hallmark of steampunk motif is an “aged” look that has the things not looking new and clean. This is actually why sanded bronze as décor on the product is becoming a bit of a trendy material. The Vapeman STEAM ENGINE boasts for this convincing aged look – which is actually charmingly ironic as the DNA75 innards of this vape mod is thoroughly high-tech and modern. No “real” STEAM ENGINE items would have such a computerized advance micro controller.

In hues of “Steampunk” leatherworking, the Vapeman STEAM ENGINE holds its own in the complex world of high-end steampunk-ish creations. The oxidized metal case seems to mix leather and brass elements and is matched to a good-looking rivets strap.

Vapeman did a good job of mixing the materials and textures nicely. Steampunk enthusiasts will no doubt swoon. Compared to some other features out there, such leather coating is actually a bargain. More importantly, as a leather vape piece it isn’t at all expensive. The retail price on ave40 this week is just $119.

Looking at one side of the Vapeman STEAM ENGINE, an ‘Vapeman’ embossing badge continues on that sentimental note, right in the middle. My favorite touches of Vapeman STEAM ENGINE are those screw rivets all around the case, some of them works as operating buttons, the rest are decors. Holding this vape box in hand and scrutinize it up close, you will see the patina forms over all these bronze surfaces. This patina continues to develop over time and changes the look of the device slightly. If you are a Hardcore collector, you must love this stuff.

In addition to the design of a point, the STEAM ENGINE name is also regarding its excellent performance and functionality. It’s a typical DNA box mod on the front – a sufficient bright 0.91” OLED display takes center stage with two good old hardware +/- buttons under it, a fire button on top – as is the case with the classic DNA75 user interface displaying Watt setting, Battery status, Temperature, Output Volts and resistance. The fire button is perfectly high up to be accessed by the thumb of your right hand. That renders the texture on top of it a bit useless, as you won’t be scrambling to find it, but it’s still nice to have.

STEAM ENGINE gets a DNA75 chipset – a powerful regulated converter from Evolv – one of the most famous manufacture for developing variable-wattage chip in the e-cigarette industry. This highly advanced chipset features Evolv’s patented Wattage Control, precise Temperature Control, pending Temperature Protection, Onboard Buttons, Synchronous Rectification for maximum battery life and minimal heat generation.

Running up to 75 watts and powered from dual 18650 battery, STEAM ENGINE allows vapers to choose between TC mode and VW mode. The TC range is from 200 º Fahrenheit to 600 º Fahrenheit. Its temperature control supports wire coiling in Ni200 nickel, Titanium01, Kanthal, and stainless-steel materials.

The temperature protection on STEAM ENGINE is also very helpful if your atomizer begins to dry out. The device will automatically pause during a puff if the wattage setting is inappropriate for the attached atomizer.

Just like other DNA products, Vapeman STEAM ENGINE is an Escribe-compatible device. Simply connect it to your DNA75 devices via a USB port, then you can use the EScribe Suite on your PC to configure, monitor, and modify the operation of your DNA75 chipset. Also, when your STEAM ENGINE is opened on an internet connected PC, the Escribe software will automatically check for updates.

As I mentioned in another review of a DNA box mod – the Puff Avatar RS75W Box Mod, personally, what hasn’t made the cut on the Vapeman box is on the DNA user interface. There’s just a big learning curve there. It’s not immediately clear where each mode setting is and it is not convenient to switch between each of them. In order to switch between different TC mode and VW mode, you have to go through a whole lot of “Lock the device” processes and there is a lot of “pressing two buttons simultaneously” tasks that is going to be very, very difficult for one hand operation. It would’ve made more sense if all of these could be done by tapping fire buttons three time continuously.

Maybe it’s a little bit difficult to get started with DNA interface, but it’s actually a snap to replace the batteries in the Vapeman STEAM ENGINE box. Its slide off battery cover secures two 18650 batteries with no misalignment or shifting and two 18650 cells fit nicely in the chamber. Three ventilation holes are aligned at the battery door perfect for heat dissipation and safety concern. Two negative “-” signs engraved at the battery door so you don’t get the polarity of the battery reversed. The USB port is below the minus and plus buttons for charging and firmware upgrading.

Vapeman STEAM ENGINE gets a spring type gold-plated 510 connector for any 28mm atomizers. But what really make it stands out is the striking engraving logotype around the edge, giving a rawer and more steampunk feel while completing the box’s entire vintage look.

It is actually fun to see a totally “out there” box mod that relish retro-steampunk experimentation. Vaper that truly want an uncompromisingly unique box mod without a giant (relatively speaking) price tag should check this Vapeman STEAM ENGINE out – especially if your personal style is somewhere between Vintage and Retro-industrial.

Also, featuring an extremely reliable Evolv DNA75W chipset, STEAM ENGINE effortlessly caters to every vape need and promises solid performance day after day. A device of this caliber mostly retails upwards of $200 but Ave40 have discounted it to only $119 making this one of the best vape deals for this box mod online.

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