Vaporesso Revenger Kit – Vaporesso Has Big Sale For Father’s Day

Vaporesso Revenger Kit – Vaporesso Has Big Sale For Father’s Day

The 220W Vaporesso Revenger kit comes with the 5 mL (also a 2ml verison to jump the necessary hurdles to be TPD compliant) NRG tank, same old looks as a Vaporesso product. 
I’ve seen the kit on pre-sale on for around $85. Let’s road-test this kit and see how it performance.

【GT Cores for Vaporesso Revenger NRG tank】

The Vaporesso Revenger kit comes in a nice packaging, along with warranty card, manual, vape bands, etc. The NRG tank has been loaded with a GT Core and there are five different options of GT Core for Vaper to choose from. This is the above-average gadget in the flavor segment and vapor production, which features an innovative GT Cores that comes in traditional cotton and signature CCELL Ceramic in different resistances, from GT 2 all the way up to GT 8. Overall, the GT Cores are specially designed to fit into the NRG tank series.

【Design and Display of Revenger Box】

The Vaporesso Revenger kit feels very comfortable for me in my palm because the fire button can be finger activated while the bulk of it rests in my palm. In this position, the OLED display and up/down buttons also feel most reasonably arranged. 

The battery mod is made from all-glossy aluminum alloy body. Providing greater quality graphics while boosting the whole revolutionary design, rather than adopting other traditional decorating methods, the IML design is a huge pro here.

【Real Secure Solution of the Vaporesso Revenger】

The battery compartment is secure with real charging time(RCT) with the real-time clocks (RTC) to show the charging level every few seconds.The Quick Charge 2.5A(the majority of max charge is 2.0A, is another huge feature, which is said to fill up to two depleted battery in just an hour. The equalizing charge system, not innovative though, is generally worked as a part of periodic battery maintenance. This system is to remove sulfation when the batteries are undercharged. It brings all cells to an equal state of charge so one cell within a battery won’t become overcharged while another becomes undercharged. 

And this is not enough.  comes equipped with USB Input protection from Overvoltage as 6.5V. When charging supply voltage is over 6.5v, the system will automatically disconnect the charging process. We are happy to see such improvements on the safety solutions on Vaporesso Revenger kit.

Huge 20% off is right now on and if are interested, please click on the link and get one Vaporesso Revenger.

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