Vaporesso Soon to Unveil a Revenger kit to Take on the High-end Vape market

Vaporesso Soon to Unveil a  Revenger kit to Take on the High-end Vape market

In the last year, Vaporesso has really put itself out there in the name of innovation, most notably with its excellent starter kits. And this time, Vaporesso introduce another legendary starter kit- Vaporesso Revenger kit. Let’s take a look!

Vaporesso Revenger kit(Wanna get one on Ave40?) certainly stands out against of the rest because it’s simply made for the design and performance. With a 5mL e-liquid capacity, and 220 watts (with firmware upgrade) power, OMINIBOARD2.0, Vaporesso Revenger was an unapologetic, formidable success in 2017. Vaporesso Revenger kit certainly hinted at a more compact, pocket-friendly design, and it is expected be something a touch of sci-fi. Measuring just 89 mm tall, 28 mm wide, and just 45 mm deep, the Vaporesso Revenger kit is a device that looks diminutive, but feels surprisingly hefty and natural in the hand. Vaporesso Revenger kit’s body itself has a bit of a curve to it around the edges. It implements the unique friendly In-Mould Labeling (IML) injection coating on aluminum alloy. From the site, the IML can provide greater quality graphics than other traditional decorating methods. The result isn’t quite as pleasing to and it does manage to look quite nice – and maybe more importantly, high-grade. Vaporesso Revenger comes in 3 colors- blue, red, black. Vaporesso Revenger kit adopts an upgraded OMNIBOARD 2.0 combine with OLED screen, supporting VW, VT, ON/OFF SS, Restore Factory Default mode, etc. The 0.96 inch OLED displays more vaping data and easier to operate.Plus, coming in with a max power output of 220W, the Vaporesso Revenger kit’s highly touted OMNIBOARD 2.0 chipset features other full slate of options, including Real-Time-Clock, Quick Charge System, USB Input Protection as well as the Equalizing Charge System. An equalizing charge is generally performed as a part of periodic battery maintenance. It is generally a procedure that is applied to serviceable flooded lead acid batteries and fundamentally involves overcharging the batteries. The Vaporesso Revenger NRG Tank is a revolutionary sub-ohm design that supports power output levels of up to 220 watts. This performance atomizer has an unparalleled top installed GT coils for maximum vapor and flavor production. Its leak free and visually pleasing Unique Mesh Drip Tip and Slide-n-Fill Design design is just another in a long list of its impressive characteristics that cement this atomizer as a top contender in the high-powered sub-ohm vaping category. With a standard retail price of around $85 for this Vaporesso Revenger kit, you can get a 20% off by shopping at

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