Vaporesso Vape: stricter rules come into force

Vaporesso Vape: stricter rules come into force

A company once launched a latest e-cigarette, Vaporesso Revenger, which is so popular among smokers, the strictest rule has been issued to regulate the e-cigarette market. The e-cigarette market will now be assimilated to the traditional cigarette market. No more advertising or selling online, and the offer will be smaller. We are preparing to change the shelves in the electronic cigarette stores. A new law comes into force on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 with changes that will directly affect traders. “Most of the products we sell today will not be legal anymore tomorrow, which makes things very complicated,” says the manager of a specialty store.
The bottles containing nicotine can not exceed 10 ml with possible consequences on prices, advertising and sale of these products on the internet will be prohibited, the packaging better adapted and each notice must be written in the three languages of the country. It is now forbidden to test liquids in the warehouse and the labeling must also contain the same warnings as those indicated on conventional cigarette packs. The sector is reacting.
For some vapoteurs these changes are nonsense: “There is finally a real alternative to tobacco which is at least 95% less harmful but it will be associated with tobacco products, while there is neither tobacco nor combustion “Tobacco still makes about 50 deaths per day in Belgium, while the” vap “has not killed anyone in a decade of existence”, argues Yves Woot de Trixhe, member of the Belgian union Of the vapoteurs.
Redouan Touati, a salesman in a store in Brussels, said: “It is obvious that nothing will always be better for health, but if we compare the electronic cigarette to the traditional cigarette, we note that there are four to six products maximum in a classical liquid, while there are 7000 in a normal cigarette, so there is no comparison: people who have been stealing for several years realize that they feel better but now with all its reforms , The state tends to curb the e-cigarette “. Young people in the sights
The sale of electronic cigarettes will also be prohibited for under 16s. For Jean Nève, president of the superior council of health, “This law is generally quite satisfactory because it regulates the electronic cigarettes, on which there was no control before, there were many models without quality criteria”.
A few years ago, the Higher Health Council was quite negative on the issue but in its 2015 report it is more nuanced. “We agree that e-cigarettes help to reduce tobacco consumption, but the perverse effect shows that they will in particular encourage young people to smoke.”
Belgium has about 150,000 vapoteurs who will have to adapt. Traders are required to put themselves in order even if it is estimated in the sector that the outlines of the law are still vague. The Belgian union of the vapor filed an application for annulment of the royal decree, to the Council of State. Meanwhile, as of Tuesday, thirty inspectors from the Ministry of Health will be sent to the stores to enforce the law. 
Although the laws has been issued to regulate the e-cigarette market, but the Vaporesso Revenger still has a bright future.

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